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Our main focus is the success of our students
Here are a few of those stories

Our main focus is on the success of our students
Here are a few of those stories

What our students say about us

We are always ready to voice our pride in the quality of our training; from our highly qualified instructors to our unique training methods and curricula. This page is dedicated to the voice of our students. Read what our former students have to say about their experiences here at the IT Academy as well as comparisons to other educational institutions they may have attended.

Where are they now?

We spend a significant amount of time not only technically preparing students for the I.T. workforce but also mentally preparing them for ambitious knowledge attainment and upward mobility in the workplace. We strive to motivate our students to not only be productive employees but ambitious leaders in their future places of employment. Read the testimonials and see how our students have grown since taking classes at the IT Academy.


Anti-Money Launder Analyst making $60,000+ working for the DoD

I started at Atius in December and in a few months, I passed and earned my A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications. Once I put those three certs on my resume, my whole world changed. I’m used to applying for jobs and settling with what they offer me. Now I get calls for job offers all the time and when they call they ask me what I would like to be paid.


Helpdesk Specialist earning $70,000+ at the AABB

I came to Atius on a whim and to be very honest, I was blown away my first night. I am a United States Air Force Veteran; I served my country for 22 years. They have such great programs for the Veterans, and always make sure we have everything we need. My experience at Atius was positive, the instructors are very involved with the students. You just can’t go wrong, and it’s less expensive than any other schools I considered


Communication Specialist making $70,000+ working for Treasury

It’s like family here, but it’s your initiative and it’s your person that gets you through the program. I started in January 2016 and finished in February 2017 and completed the CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, Security+, CEH, CCNA and Cisco Security. Seven classes! Those certifications are necessary and staying up on them is vital. The amount of interest I have received from companies and agencies since gaining them has been major.


Cyber Security Analyst making $125,000+ working for Northrop Grumman working for US Army

I was an unemployed disabled veteran, with minimal Information Technology work experience. I began taking classes at Atius Technology in October 2014. After completing my course of study and passing the required industry certifications, in April of 2016 Atius Technology Institute was able to assist me with finding a job with a rate of $125,000 a year. I highly recommend this Academy to anyone.

Devin Lewis

Senior Network Engineer earning $95,000+ working for Learning Tree

I was stuck in a dead-end job and very unsure of my career path before I attended. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helped me to decide the best path for me. They made it very easy to learn by using real world scenarios & equipment. Atius Technology Institute’s ITA helped me attain the skills I needed to get certified and land a new, high paying job. I highly recommend Atius Technology Institute and the IT Academy for anyone who would like to acquire the skills that are in high demand in every industry. Now I feel much more secure in my future!!


Network Operations Center Analyst earning $100,000+ working for DARPA

I was an unemployed disabled veteran, with no Information Technology work experience or education, when I began taking classes at Atius Technology Institute on November 2015. After completing my first three courses and passing the required industry certifications, I began working as a help desk specialist at the University of Maryland, Baltimore in March of 2016. In June 2016, one week after completing my fourth course and industry certification, I obtained a job as a Desktop Support Technician with a salary $93,000+ at a government agency in Virginia.


Helpdesk Technician making $65,000+ working for the DoD
I came to school here at Atius Technology Institute and I learned a lot. It’s great to learn a skill that you can always have. I feel that if I learned IT, anybody can learn IT. It just takes some time. You have to come in, devote your time and if you do that you’ll definitely be successful and this is the place to do it. I had a hard time understanding some of the technology, they took time out to work with me and make sure I succeeded. Right now, I’m working in the field and I’m grateful for that.
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